Collegiate Mentorship Program

Mentorship Program

Guided Research & Mentorship Program

Work 1-1 with a selective university professor, researcher, scholar or business leader in a customized research mentorship program! This program allows students to expand and apply their knowledge of an academic subject in ways not possible within school courses.

Our team includes 110+ professors, scholars, researchers and business leaders from selective universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Yale, and Columbia.

With hard work, students complete a research project or written work/publication and may (at the discretion of their mentor) be able to earn a letter of recommendation.

Possible Mentorship Plans:

  • Internship – Work as an assistant or collaborator on one of the mentor’s current projects
  • Research Project – Work on a new research project decided upon by you or together with your mentor
  • Report/Publication – Work with your mentor on the creation of a written report which could become a publication
  • Deeper Learning – Learn from your mentor to increase your knowledge set and level of expertise within a subject you want to study

Major Objectives of the Research Mentorship Program:

  • Work 1 on 1 with a selective university professor, researcher, scholar or business leader!
  • Students will have better placements in University applications
  • Students have an early exploration or deeper understanding about specific disciplines
  • Students familiarize with college-level course, readings, and research methods
  • Students reflect on their interest and passion on the academic disciplines
  • Mentor will complete a brief mid-point and final evaluation of the student’s performance throughout the Mentorship
Letter of Recommendation
exposure to the global research activities & trends
  • History, Literature, Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy
  • Robotics, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering
  • Physics, Biology, Chemistry
  • Calculus, Statistics
  • Business, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Financial Mathematics
  • Film, Visual Arts, Photography, Art History
  • And more subjects
  • Program length: 2-month program including weekly video-chat sessions and continuous email communication
  • Location: Most Mentorships are conducted remotely so that students and mentors can be located anywhere in the world!
  • Session time: Sessions last about 1 hour and are scheduled to fit both your availability and that of your mentor
  • Support: Each Mentorship includes 24-hour support from a dedicated program coordinator
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