Collegiate Mentorship Program

How to Apply

The Collegiate Mentorship program allows you to work 1-1 with a selective university professor/ researcher/ scholar or business leader!

This program allows students to expand and apply their knowledge of an academic subject in ways not possible within school courses Our team includes 110+ professors, scholars, researchers and business leaders from selective universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Yale, and Columbia.

The Collegiate Mentorship program carefully selects talented students from our applicant pool based on past excellence as well as through examination of applicant project ideas which are illuminated within the applicant essay. In short, applicants will be assessed based on the following factors.

Application factors:

  • Academic performance
  • Advanced extracurricular work supporting applicant’s Mentorship subject strength
  • Profound and detailed Mentorship project plan described by applicant
  • Ability to handle the time commitment that this program necessitates
  • Communication skills

Application Steps:

  • Submit your application along with your completed application essay
  • Await email notice of interview with Collegiate Mentorship Program admissions representative
  • Conduct interview via Skype or Zoom
  • Receive admissions decision and mentor recommendations via email

Apply for Mentorship

If you want to know more or just want us to reach out to you please contact us through the live chat or by filling out the form below