Collegiate Mentorship Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Collegiate Mentorship Program FAQ

The mentor is matched to the student based on the subject major chosen. We select the most suitable mentor with the most suitable background for each student. To ensure seamless progress and 100% commitment from the mentor, 1-on-1 mentorship proves to be the most effective guidance for students. Our team first provides the student 2-3 mentor recommendations from which the student/family can select one.
If student is too busy with other commitments, he/she can choose to postpone certain classes. However, we suggest students to finish the program within the stipulated time to ensure classes are conducted without much interruptions which may hinder the progress of the project.

Student is expected to commit his/her time to the program to ensure he/she get the most out of it. He/she must be willing to receive constructive feedback to improve research work, show up for classes on time as agreed with the mentor. For any class cancellation, student is expected to provide at least 24-hours written notice for any cancellations of appointments with a mentor.

1 hour per week with the mentor, and an average of an additional 2-5 hours per week to work on the project. The time spent for each student varies and is very much dependent on your own discipline and commitment to the program.

Mentor is expected to outline the goals and objectives of the program best fitted for the student during and after the first session. Mentor is expected to provide 1-hour per week video chat session. Mentor will also provide additional email guidance outside of the video chat session.

At the end of the program, students are equipped with a valuable research work that will raise the worth of his/her resume. In addition, under guidance from these mentors, the research work is also fit for other future academic use. With hard work, the student can earn a letter of recommendation from the mentor. The student and family will also receive a midpoint and final evaluation from the mentor.

The mentor and student ultimately decide together on the mentorship plan during the first session based on the students’ interests, capabilities, goals and ideas and the professors expertise and current research.

Mentors must enjoy working with students and are committed to helping them achieve their program goals. All of our mentors are currently teaching courses at top universities in the US and UK. These individuals can be professors, researchers or lecturers at these selective institutions. Their knowledge comes in different forms, either from years of teaching experience or years of professional working experience, and they all provide valuable insights for the students.

All mentors have a working schedule and they plan their time efficiently. The Collegiate Mentorship Program also limits the number of students each can work with. Certain mentors in the more popular courses get booked very quickly and therefore we suggest students to commit to the program as soon as possible to ensure obtaining the ideal mentor.

Mentorship Program and its University Admission Value

  • Our mentorship program helps students advance their learning and development in ways not possible within school curriculars
  • The Mentorship Program will differentiate the student’s profile from that of the competitive pool
  • Students get to network with distinguished faculty and the program will be an immense learning opportunity
  • Students gain exposure to the global research activities and trends
  • Students will learn the practical implementation of the theoretical concepts taught
  • Students will get a taste of the teaching methodology abroad
  • Students can request a Letter of Recommendation at the end of the program
  • Certificate from Collegiate Mentorship Program can be arranged (as per discussion) after the final evaluation and written component is submitted
  • Students will have better placements in university applications
  • Reassurance to university admissions officers that the student is capable of excelling in a challenging, elite university learning environment
  • Student successfully completes an activity that is likely to be highly prioritized on their Common Application Activities List

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