Jabar Patel

Jabar Patel


Jabar is an 11th grade student from Scarsdale Highschool. He is interested to work on an Economics research project.

Jabar’s goal in this mentorship program is to research how economic factors, such as subsidies, affect food security in developing and developed countries and how different policies can affect the behavior of consumers and producers while achieving achieve food security.

Scope of the program

Learning objectives

  • To achieve understanding and to find problem-solving strategies regarding all issues surrounding food security and poverty around the globe

What challenges did he face?

  • As a proactive student in self-studying economics, Jabar had a decent amount of knowledge prior to starting the mentorship program. His biggest challenge is to read and analyze a large amount of academic papers in order to write his research paper.

How did our program help him?

  • The mentorship program stimulates his mind and he was able to engage in hearty discussion on macroeconomics issues with the mentor.
  • Jabar completed the program with an outstanding research paper.

Student’s mentorship overview testimonial

“During this mentorship program, I learned how to read and analyze research articles, understand many different economics topics, and read about the many factors that impact food security. Initially, my mentor would teach me economic concepts during our class, then give me some articles about how those concepts can be seen in the world of food security.

We looked at exchange rates, taxes, subsidies, and many more different government initiatives and their overall impact and success. I was able to write a report, which I will send tomorrow, articulating what I learned.

My mentor was very supportive throughout the entire course, providing ample resources for me to use and teaching me complex concepts along with how they related to current events. I enjoyed doing this course and learning about a topic that I am interested in.”

Jabar Patel

Matched professor:

The mentor is currently an Economics Professor & Lecturer at New York University. Prior to this, she served as senior officer at the US Trust, an economist at Citigroup, a risk policymaker at JPMorganChase, and consultant for large corporations in the U.S. and overseas government and institutions. In 2019, she was awarded The CHOICE Award: as an ‘Outstanding Academic Title’ for co-authored book ‘Behavioral Economics: Moving Forward’.

Jabar is hard working and quick in learning new and complex concepts. He is open to new ideas and methods in navigating through the sessions

Lecturer from New York University

Excerpts from the student’s work

Student’s final research paper on “Impact of Government Policies on Food Security in Developing Countries”

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