Siddharth Reddy

Siddharth Reddy

Siddharth Reddy

City of residence: India
Intended Major:
Computer Science & Mathematics
Soon-to-be undergraduate Year 1

Siddharth has recently completed his high school studies (top 10% of his class across all subjects) and is soon to begin his undergraduate studies where he will be pursuing Computer Science and Mathematics.

What challenges did he face?

  • He would like to start preparing for university coursework since he has just graduated high school
  • He would like to deep dive into further mathematical concepts to analyze Indian stock market

Matched professor:

A professor teaching Statistics and Financial Mathematics in MIT. He has been providing consulting services in financial and statistical analytics to a wide range of institutions through his company.

How did our program help him?

  • Our mentor worked hard with the student in using R to plot different types of graphs such as time series and clustering.
  • Our mentor will be happy to write a letter of recommendation for the student for his undergraduate application.

Below is part of an example work done during the program:

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