Penny Hong

Penny Hong


Penny Hong
She is an 11th grade student from Brighton, England. She is interested in human rights and public policy.

Penny’s primary academic interests are human rights and public policy. She is currently doing a documentary project on queer experiences in China. She runs a Seattle and Beijing-based nonprofit which focuses on wildlife conservation. She’s also the president of her school’s philosophy club and debate club. She takes Religious Studies, Philosophy and Ethics, and English Literature courses in school.

University admission result

★ Columbia University

Learning objectives

  • Identify student’s research interest and to narrow down research scope that is feasible for an 8-week program
  • Learning research writing citations

What challenges did she face?

  • Penny loves to read and she reads so much that sometimes she strayed from her main objectives. It was a challenge for her to narrow down and focused on her topic. She needs to limit unrelated topics in her research paper.

How did our program help her?

  • Penny learnt how to write a paper suitable for professional publication.
  • Penny learn how to identify an original thesis and how to do a thorough bibliography indicating why the thesis is original.
  • The mentor also helped Penny refined her research paper as an entry in a philosophy contest at Oxford.

Matched Professor

The mentor is a lecturer at the Sanford School of Public Policy, Duke University. Prior to this, she was an Editor and Reporter for Contra Coasta Times where she designed and wrote for the Religion and Ethics segment weekly.

I like Penny. She is honest, probes and questions everything she reads and those who teach her, promptly does her work. She made me laugh more than once and I found her to be good company.

Mentor from Duke University

Excerpts from student and mentor communication

Penny benefitted from her mentor’s contacts and managed to expand her network

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