Sonia Mai

Sonia Mai

Art History

Sonia is a rising 12th grade student from Sage Hill School, Newport Coast, California. She is interested to learn Art History online.

Sonia is at the top of her class with a 4.03 GPA. Her main academic passion is Art History. She wants to learn Art History online with a lecturer from Columbia University. She has taken art history courses and done independent study in modern and ancient art history. She is the president of her school’s art and design club, and is also a designer/contributor to a student magazine.

University admission result

★ Case Western Reserve University + Scholarship

★ Northeastern University

Scope of the program

Overall structure

  • As requested by Sonia who wants to learn Art History online, the course has focused on social and economic aspects of art.
  • Analyze how social forces contribute to the shaping of art and the art world in given historical eras (from Greek and Roman antiquity to the XXI century),
  • Discuss the role of institutions, individuals and social groups in the creation and consume of art.
  • Artistic patronage and its reflection on artistic styles, genres, forms has been the center of attention.
  • Gain critical tools for the analysis of art and the art world
  • To develop the ability of reading images and artworks at a high level
  • To learn the tools for research in the field of humanities.

What challenges did she face?

  • She had to become acquainted with Art History terminology and notions she was not aware of before.
  • She was assigned college level research papers in as reading and was expected to write her Art History research paper at a college level as well.

How did our Art History program help her?

  • At the end of the program, she was able to learn Art History online as she wanted and she was equipped with a research paper that is well suited for college application.
  • She will be getting receiving a letter of recommendation from the professor when she is ready for college application.

Matched professor in Art History:

A core curriculum instructor from Columbia University in Art Humanities and a Teaching Assistant in Art, History and Archaeology. His primary field of research is Greek and Roman archaeology.

Recommendation letter

Based on your knowledge of this student, would you recommend this student to selective universities?

I would absolutely recommend Sonia to top-class institutions. She is fast, intelligent, she is curious in various directions (yet she does not loses focus while researching on something). She is well mannered and clearly understands how to behave in different situations and how to reach a goal in the more efficient way possible. She needs to lose some of her shyness, but she has unquestionable potential for growth.

Sonia did not only meet but overcame my expectations. She is a fast learner and she is able to elaborate autonomously thought and ideas that enriched the discussion.

I really recommend her to pursue her interest in art. She could definitely do more readings in order to understand more in depth how to do research in the humanities. Also, there are a lot of on line resources she can use to learn and inquire on a particular subject. Also, given her interest in social aspects of art, I could suggest some readings on sociology, which would complement the art historical notions she acquired. I already told about the breath and openness that the study of the humanities can give; she knows she can always reach out for tips.

Lecturer from Columbia University

Excerpts from the student’s work

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