Eena Jangra

Eena Jangra

Eena Jangra

Residency: Los Angeles
Intended Major: Computer Science, Physics
School: Brentwood School
Age: Grade 11

Eena has excellent grades in school. She enjoys coding and learning C, C++, Java, HTML, CSS and Python. She has interest in artificial intelligence and has designed a tele-operated rover that moves with hand signals. In her free time, she plays tennis and does Kathak dancing.

What challenges did she face?

  • At the exploration stage, Rina somewhat struggled to find a specific research area and top. The project that they are working on involved knowledge from mathematics, computer science, and electrical engineering. This required developing familiarity more advance concepts such as sampling theory, frequency response, analog to digital conversion, and network theory.

Matched professor:

An assistant Professor of Engineering at Dartmouth College. Previously, he worked as a postdoctoral scholar in the Department of Materials Science & Engineering at Stanford University.

How did our program help her?

  • Through the program, she developed a prototype for a small scale water leakage sensor circuit and control system.

Below is part of an example work done during the program:

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