6 things to know about taking online courses

6 things to know about taking online courses

Online courses have been gaining popularity thanks to globalization and the convenience of internet. There are now more online classes offered than ever. Recently, due to the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, many schools and examinations have been suspended, and students are told to stay at home. In light of this unfortunate crisis, how can students take this opportunity and upgrade themselves?

There are more perks to taking online classes than there is compared to offline classes. The advantage is that students can learn anywhere conveniently without going out of their homes, resulting in a more time-efficient manner considering that students will not have to be stuck in the traffic. Students are also offered the flexibility to engage in the classes whenever they have the time. The disadvantage is that there may be more distractions at home that steer your attention away from the classes.

Let’s take a look at the basis of online classes and if they are worth pursuing.

6 things about online classes that help you to decide if taking online classes is the right move for you

Here are some insightful advises from people who have succeeded in attending online classes prior to COVID-19, and here are some of the things we can learn from them.

  • Online courses are not easier than traditional classes

Many people have the misconception that online courses are easier and there is very little knowledge to be gained from. However, this is simply not the case.

Online classes are built on the course structure of traditional classes. The main difference is that it is conducted at the comfort of your home. The course structure and content remain the same. What is surprising is that course quality could be better than traditional classes, as students are able to access many more classes than they were able to on traditional classes. 

Students must first understand more about the structure/format of the course in order to decide if a certain online class is right for you.

Signing up for online classes allows students to have a better sense of time management. For students with poor time management skills, it helps them to learn the necessary skills through parental supervision.

  • Online courses allow you to re-visit learning concepts easily

If you are shy by nature or feel overwhelmed in a crowded classroom, online courses are a good option. If you are taking an online video course, you can pause the video and that will give you enough time to take notes, and even let you re-read the key points that you did not understand before. If you have engaged an online mentor, you can always politely ask the mentor to repeat himself or to teach the concepts to you in another way that is best fitted for you.

In addition, you can contact the teacher by leaving a message to help yourself understand the problems you did not understand during the class.

  • Online courses through interactive communication

Most online courses are implemented through smart communication tools such as mobile computers. Nowadays, there are more platforms that allow students and professors to engage and communicate in a more efficient manner. Thanks to the advancement of technology, there are interactive teaching whiteboards and instant file sharing functions within these platforms.

Here are some of the things to consider before you engage in any online services.

1、It is best to use a computer or IPad for class. Firstly, the screen is large and clear; Secondly, it reduces the chances of you engaging in messaging or even mobile games.

2、Before the official start date of lesson, it is important you familiarize yourself with the class platform.

3、Make sure the internet is working correctly.

4、Be sure to check that the education platform fits your computer device.

  • Take note of time management and self-discipline

After a student signs up for an online course, it is a basic requirement to actively keep up with the learning progress. Due to the flexibility and range of online courses, it is easy for students to procrastinate their learning progress, delaying assignments, ignoring assignments, missing deadlines, and so on.

Procrastination is a landslide effect that slowly reduces your concentration and your motivation to learn. Therefore, the most important thing is to remain rational, abide by the timetable for class, and complete the homework on time. Once you are behind, it is difficult to keep up with the progress.

Many students believe that the online study time is short. In fact, the duration of online courses is the same as traditional offline courses.

1、  Make use of certain mobile applications to plan your schedule more efficiently. 

2、  After getting up in the morning, make a plan according to yesterday’s progress and today’s schedule. It is recommended to write it by hand and paste it in a conspicuous place to always remind yourself of the work.

3、  Goals on your plan must be simple and concise. For example, “to spend 2 hours on Statistics Exercise Three” is more concrete than “to spend 2 hours improving Statistics”.

4、  Have a fixed bedtime schedule to prevent over-working yourself. If there are some difficult questions to solve, you can always ask the professor the following day. If there is too much work to be done for the day, break it up into smaller tasks and plan realistically. Arrange daily tasks according to your actual situation.

  • Group projects are not exempted

If you sign up for a group class, you may still be subjected to group projects. With collaborative file sharing tools such as Google Drive, it is extremely easy for students to work on the same project together. So, don’t be surprised if you find yourself assigned to a group project in your online course. 

  • Online courses provide credentials too

Compared with online education, traditional education bears tremendous pressure, and traditional education wastes students’ precious time. On the Internet, students are in their own environment, away from bacteria and distance, and comfortable classes seem to be a good choice, so that online courses save a lot of time.

Students can even earned a bachelor’s degree online or work with a professor from a top University, while enjoying the comfort of home and flexibility. Online courses allow certain groups of people to interact with professors in a more comfortable way, allowing them to learn more effectively.

Is signing up for an online course the right choice for you?

Taking online courses may be different from traditional classrooms and it brings you many great benefits. This option directly brings knowledge to you, enables you to learn at your own pace, and creates a better pace of life for you and your family. Most importantly, taking online courses can bring world renowned professors to you and provide you with more learning choices.

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