Aerospace Engineering Internships for Undergraduate Students

Aerospace Engineering Internships for Undergraduate Students

Aerospace engineering internships offer practical experience, skill development, exposure to the industry, chances to network, and insights into the aerospace sector. They help students start their careers in aerospace engineering by improving resumes, providing long-term job opportunities, and bridging the gap between school and industry.

Here are some highly sought-after aerospace engineering internships for undergraduate students..

NASA International Internship Program

Students from all over the world have a fantastic opportunity to participate in NASA’s groundbreaking efforts in space exploration, scientific research, and technological developments, while gaining invaluable real-world experience through the NASA International Internship Program. The program aims to promote cooperation and idea sharing among the world’s scientists.

Accepted interns in the aerospace engineering internships are immersed in the dynamic NASA environment and have the opportunity to collaborate with top scientists, engineers, and researchers on cutting-edge projects. They are exposed to a variety of fields, including planetary science, aerospace engineering, robotics, computer science, and others. Depending on the intern’s interests and NASA’s current needs for the aerospace engineering internships, the precise focus areas and projects change over time.

Students may design and construct experiments, analyze data from space missions, create software or hardware, take part in research investigations, or contribute to the advancement of space technologies during their internships. They do their work in groups, which fosters creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

Students who participate in the NASA International Internship Program acquire both technical know-how and fundamental professional competencies. They develop their ability to collaborate well in cross-disciplinary teams, convey their thoughts and conclusions, and adjust to the constantly changing environment of space exploration and study.


  • Meet the visa requirements to work and study in the United States
  • Academic standing and GPA requirements may vary by internship opportunity

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Airbus International Internship Program

International students have a special chance to work in the aerospace industry and receive real-world experience through the Airbus International Internship Program. As one of the top aircraft manufacturers in the world, Airbus offers internships that span many disciplines and give illuminating perspectives on numerous facets of the business.

The Airbus International Internship Program offers interns the opportunity to work on a variety of aerospace engineering internships projects involving aircraft design, engineering, manufacturing, research and development, digitalization, and other topics. Depending on the intern’s interests and Airbus’ current needs, the specific projects and priority areas may change.

Students may engage in tasks including designing parts or systems, doing simulations and analyses, contributing to manufacturing processes, creating software or algorithms, and working with multidisciplinary teams during their aerospace engineering internships. They collaborate closely with seasoned professionals and gain mentoring and direction during their internship period.

The Airbus International Internship Program places a strong emphasis on the development of transferrable skills and a global attitude in addition to the technical aspects. Interns become familiar with the complexity of the aerospace sector, including the value of quality standards, project management, and cross-cultural cooperation.

Additionally, such aerospace engineering internships allow students to take part in training sessions, workshops, and networking events that help them better grasp the dynamics of the aerospace sector and its likely future developments. They can interact with experts from different Airbus divisions, learning about various career pathways and forming important connections.

Students who take part in the Airbus International Internship Program gain not just academic and practical knowledge, but also crucial skills like teamwork, communication, and problem-solving. They support Airbus’ continuing innovation and help to shape the direction of the aerospace sector.


  • Be enrolled in a university and seeking for a placement that will last between three months and one year

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Boeing International Internships

International students have the opportunity to complete internships at Boeing, a renowned aerospace business, where they can contribute to the fields of aerospace engineering, production, research, and development. Although Boeing may or may not provide overseas internships, chosen students in these aerospace engineering internships have the chance to work on initiatives that support the company’s mission of influencing the direction of aerospace technology.

Depending on their area of interest and the ongoing activities within the company, interns in the Boeing International Internships program may be involved in a range of projects. These initiatives may include a variety of topics, including supply chain management, advanced manufacturing, software development, data analytics, and aircraft design.

Interns actively contribute to the creation of cutting-edge aerospace solutions while working with seasoned professionals and teams. They might work on projects like designing and analyzing aircraft parts, creating software tools, testing, and validation, or taking part in initiatives for process improvement.

The Boeing International Internships offer a distinctive learning setting that encourages teamwork, analytical thinking, and practical experience. Modern technologies, industry best practices, and the exacting requirements of aerospace engineering are all introduced to interns.

Interns at Boeing have the chance to gain important professional abilities in addition to technical skills. They engage with interdisciplinary teams, improve their communication and presentation abilities, and gain knowledge of the larger aerospace sector.

The aerospace engineering internship program at Boeing also offers a variety of networking opportunities, workshops on career development, and exposure to several corporate divisions. Interactions with industry professionals, lectures, and participation in activities that increase interns’ awareness of the aerospace industry are all possibilities.

Students who take part in the Boeing International Internships program advance their aerospace technology while also developing a thorough awareness of the complexity of the sector. They leave the program with useful skills, knowledge of the business, and a useful professional network, paving the way for a prosperous career in the aerospace industry.


  • Be enrolled in an accredited university
  • Internships at Boeing may not always be available to students from other countries, and the criteria for eligibility may change over time. Consequently, it is advised that you frequently visit the Boeing careers website and thoroughly read the internship descriptions

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Rolls-Royce International Internships

Students have the opportunity to participate in cutting-edge projects and get practical experience through international internships offered by Rolls-Royce, a well-known company in the aerospace, defense, and power systems industries. Such aerospace engineering internships at Rolls-Royce give students exposure to many areas of the business’ operations, including aerospace engineering, production, research, and technology development.

The Rolls-Royce International Internships program offers interns the chance to work on projects involving gas turbine engines, electrical systems, propulsion systems, aerospace manufacturing, and more. These initiatives support Rolls-Royce’s dedication to technological advancement, environmental responsibility, and addressing the changing requirements of the aerospace sector.

Students are placed on particular teams throughout their internships and collaborate with experts in their fields. They might take part in tasks including completing analysis, conducting research, developing products, or helping to improve processes. They can use their theoretical understanding to tackle practical problems and obtain practical experience in a cutting-edge industrial setting.

The Rolls-Royce International Internships emphasize both professional and personal development in addition to the development of technical skills. Interns gain knowledge of how to collaborate across disciplines, adjust to the fast-paced climate of the industry, and successfully communicate with coworkers and stakeholders.

This aerospace engineering internship program may also give interns the chance to participate in training sessions, workshops, and seminars so they may expand their knowledge and have a thorough understanding of the aerospace sector. Interacting with seasoned experts allows interns to learn important insights about current and future developments for the sector.

Students that take part in the Rolls-Royce International Internships program improve their competitiveness in the job market. They establish contacts in the industry, industry-specific skills, and a worldwide perspective on the opportunities and challenges facing the aerospace industry. They support Rolls-Royce’s goal of developing innovation and technology in the aerospace industry.


  • Enroll in a degree program in a relevant field, such as engineering (aerospace, mechanical, electrical, etc.), computer science, materials science, business, or another related profession.

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Lockheed Martin International Internship

Global aerospace and military firm Lockheed Martin offers students the chance to work on cutting-edge aerospace technology projects through its international internship program. These aerospace engineering internships concentrate on a variety of topics, including robotics, cybersecurity, and cutting-edge technologies.

The Lockheed Martin International Internship program offers interns the option to participate in the creation of innovative aerospace solutions. They collaborate with seasoned experts, engineers, and researchers, acquiring practical knowledge and exposure to cutting-edge technologies.

Depending on the intern’s area of interest and the ongoing efforts within Lockheed Martin, these aerospace engineering internships can change. Students might work together on multidisciplinary projects, design and test aircraft systems, create software or algorithms, conduct research, participate in manufacturing processes, or develop software or algorithms.

The development of both technical and professional skills is prioritized in the Lockheed Martin International Internship program. Interns obtain knowledge of the finest practices, exacting standards, and legal requirements in the aerospace sector. They gain skills for working well in teams, communicating their ideas, and using critical thinking to tackle challenging issues.

The program also gives interns the chance to expand their expertise through networking events, workshops, and training sessions. They can network with business leaders, go to seminars, and learn about other Lockheed Martin departments and career options.

Students who take part in the Lockheed Martin International Internship program receive useful skills, business experience, and a better comprehension of the aerospace and military industries. They assist Lockheed Martin’s objective to advance technical and scientific innovation, promote national security, and discover new horizons in space.

Eligibility for international students

  • Be enrolled in a four-year degree university

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SpaceX International Internship

International students may periodically apply for internships at SpaceX, a private aerospace manufacturing and space transportation business, giving them the chance to participate in the company’s ground-breaking efforts in space exploration and technological advancement.

Aerospace engineering internships projects linked to space missions, rocket design and manufacture, spacecraft systems, propulsion, avionics, and other topics are all available to interns in the SpaceX International Internship program. Depending on the intern’s interests and the current SpaceX initiatives, different projects may be accessible.

Students have the chance to work with some of the industry’s top minds during their aerospace engineering internships, learning about cutting-edge technologies and creative methods for space exploration. They may take part in tasks including creating and testing components, creating software or algorithms, organizing missions, or making contributions to research projects.

A special learning environment is provided through the SpaceX International Internship program, which encourages teamwork, critical thinking, and practical experience. The advancement of technologies that push the limits of space exploration is actively supported by interns.

Additionally, networking events, lectures on professional development, and exposure to other SpaceX divisions are all beneficial to interns. They can network with experts in the sector, go to seminars, and learn more about the larger aerospace industry.

Students that take part in the SpaceX International Internship program develop practical skills, knowledge of the industry, and a deeper comprehension of the complexities.


  • Be enrolled in a relevant four-year degree program
  • GPA 3.5 or above

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