Top 5 best YouTube education channels

Top 5 best YouTube education channels

As a college student, sometimes you need a little extra help to master some concepts of knowledge. YouTube video is a great source of supplemental learning. The following introduction contains five YouTube channels, which will be useful to college students. For high school students, it is also a good way to explore your interest in different subjects and learn about university life in advance.

▲ Crash Course
Crash Course is an educational channel founded by Hank and John Green. It contains History, English, Philosophy, Psychology, Chemistry, and many other courses. These videos are very comprehensive and the content and interface are very interesting.

▲ The School of Life
The School of Life is a channel dedicated to humanities (philosophy, psychotherapy, literature, art, etc). They are committed to teaching “emotional education” and their video themes focus on the meaning of life. As their tagline says, “We focus on wisdom, emotional intelligence, and self-awareness.”

▲ Thomas Frank
Thomas Frank has produced a lot of videos to help college students learn. He shared tips for learning, ways to take notes, suggestions for taking exams, and much more. This information is especially valuable for new students.

▲ Khan Academy
Khan Academy’s video lists are available in almost all disciplines (mathematics, science engineering, chemistry, biology, arts and humanities, economics and finance, preparation, computer), and are very helpful in learning these subjects.

▲ TED-Ed
TED-Ed is a series of mini-live lessons. These video lessons are very interesting, engaging, and very helpful. These courses are not classified by subject (unlike Crash Course and Kahn Academy), but you will find many useful topics.

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