Evelyn Kuo

Evelyn Kuo

Interior Design

Evelyn is an 11th grade student from Leysin American School in Taiwan. She is interested in interior design and environmental studies. In her mentorship program, she decided to explore interior design.

Evelyn is passionate in architecture and interior design but has had only few opportunities to learn about these subjects at this stage. Her project idea for this mentorship is re-designing her bedroom.

Scope of the program

Learning objectives

  • Defining spatial problems for the project area
  • Developing a vision for the design project
  • Conducting field measurements of the project area
  • Developing hand-crafted drawings (sketches, 1-point and 2-point, and plan)
  • Developing initial proposals for modifying the space including 2 concept boards
  • Learning the basics of SketchUp (a free online modeling program)
  • Build the project area in SketchUp

What challenges did she face?

  • She would like to explore industrial works of interior design but didn’t have much opportunities in the past.
  • She did not have experience in model sketching and would like to learn more about it.

How did our Interior Design program help her?

  • She was able to learn about interior design aspects such as freehand sketches, color psychology, materials, perspective drawings, and many more.
  • She did a presentation of her works at the end of the session and received assessment on various skills from the mentor.

Student Testimonial

“During these 8 lessons, I have learnt a lot of things. In the beginning, my mentor gave me some basic information about interior design. For interior design, decorating the room wasn’t the only and main thing to do. There were a lot of other things I also had to learn, such as sketching and knowing how to draw from both a one point view and a second point view.

I also had to learn how to plan effectively, which meant knowing how to put things that are in the room accurately on a plan drawing, including the correctly scaled size and shape. I’ve also learnt that there are some connections between color psychology and interior design. Different colors express different emotions and feelings — so, when designing a place, the color is something that should also be considered!

Overall, I have learnt a lot much about interior design with my mentor. I really appreciated her insights and I enjoyed my time with her as well.

Evelyn Kuo

Matched professor in Interior Design:

An assistant professor in environmental and interior design and the M.F.A. design program. She currently serves as the chair for Faculty Council for the College of Visual and Performing Arts. 

Recommendation letter

“I would absolutely recommend this student to college programs that allows Evelyn to continue her specific interests in design and allow her to excel in the talents she has exhibited during this program. To recommend her I would ask her to first update me on which design disciplines she is gravitating towards and to learn how she has engaged or researched design beyond our 8-week program.

As we discussed in almost every session, there are several design disciplines that she might find fitting and exciting. And, I would want to know if she’s been continuing to draw and if she has a visual portfolio to share.

Evelyn seems to be enjoying the process of learning this discipline and has a contagious smile and positive attitude during our sessions. I’m proud of your efforts and progress. I’ll be interested in knowing your outlook on a career in design after this experience!

Thank you for the opportunity to teach and learn, and to get to know her. It was a very rewarding experience working with her. Wonderful program!”

Assistant Professor, Syracuse University

Excerpts of the student’s work

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