James Tan

James Tan

Behavioral Economics

James Tan
He is a 12th grade student from The Alice Smith School, Malaysia. He is interested to work on behavioral economics project.

James’s experiences in Malaysia’s multicultural society have inspired him to learn more about how sociopolitical factors influence everyday life in Malaysia. Outside of academics, James’s biggest hobby is soccer, having played the sport all his life; he is also involved in his school’s student council as the treasurer.

Scope of the program

Overall structure

  • Lecture based learning along with discussions of current events.
  • Topics covered include the history of Behavioral Economics with the first six chapters of Roger Franz’s ‘The Beginnings of Behavioral Economics’.
  • One session on Macroeconomic and Industry Analysis. The remaining sessions were devoted to Quantum Economic Orders and a case study on Principal-Agent Problem.

Behavioral Economics learning objectives

  • Topics that are above and beyond those taught in regular classrooms and incorporate current developments as well as new findings in the field of economics.

What challenges did he face?

  • James is very inquisitive but needed extra help finding reliable sources for his research paper.

How did our program help him?

  • With our mentor’s guidance, James has his final research paper published on ExploratioJournal.
  • James is interested in both Economics and Politics. Through this program, he was able to explore behavioral economics and the role of principal-agent problem in the 2018 global financial crisis.

Matched mentor in behavioral economics:

The mentor is currently an Economics Professor & Lecturer. Prior to this, she served as senior officer at the US Trust, an economist at Citigroup, a risk policymaker at JPMorganChase, and consultant for large corporations in the U.S. and overseas government and institutions. In 2019, she was awarded The CHOICE Award: as an ‘Outstanding Academic Title’ for co-authored book ‘Behavioral Economics: Moving Forward’.

James is punctual, disciplined, while meeting new and challenging learning materials with ease. I like his flexibility and how he challenges himself.

Mentor from New York University

Excerpts of student’s work

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