Ava Kang

Ava Kang

Art History

Ava is an 11th grade student, from The Lovett School, Georgia, United States. She is interested to work on an art history research paper.

Ava is passionate in Art History and will be taking her first Art History class in school next year. Her aim in this mentorship program is to know more about Art History that is align to her area of interests and to prepare herself for future classes. During her free time, she enjoys playing golf.

Scope of the program

Overall structure

The course focused on the acquisition of crucial skills for art historical research, with focused on thematic, theoretical and terminological issues. The second part of the course was dedicated to the discussion and completion of ‘s final project on ‘The nude in Western art from antiquity to the modern age”

Learning objectives

  • Acquisition of skills for visual analysis of artworks
  • Learning about specific periods of art
  • Academic writing and researching.

What challenges did she face?

  • Ava has a broad idea of Art History and she is interested in lots of concepts related to it. She faced challenges to narrow down her topic idea for her research paper and she benefitted from brainstorming her ideas with her mentor.
  • Dealing with art historical research for the first time also proved to be a challenge.

How did our program help her?

  • The mentorship program taught her Art History research writing techniques. For example, setting the tone of the language and creating references.
  • Ava learnt critical reading and visual analysis of artworks that will help propel her to a higher level.

Matched professor:

A core curriculum instructor from Columbia University in Art Humanities and a Teaching Assistant in Art, History and Archaeology. His primary field of research is Greek and Roman archaeology.

“I would absolutely recommend Ava to any major university and institution. Ava met and exceeded my expectations in her preparation and in the way she was able to adapt to new concepts and ideas and immediately incorporate them in her thinking and work.

Lecturer from Columbia University

Excerpts from the student’s work

Ava wrote a final research paper on “The Value of Nudity in Art through Selected Pieces: an Exhibition”, which has been published on Curieux (youth-led) Academic Journal.

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