Ivy Li

Ivy Li

Medical Science Student

Ivy is a 12th grade student from Putai High School, Taipei. She is interested to major in Medical Science.

Ivy is an aspiring medical professional. She has experience in medical volunteering where she observes attending doctors and provides assistance. She has participated in a few Medicine Summer Course/Camp that involve in medicine science.

University admission result

King’s College London

Scope of the program

Overall structure

8 sessions of 1h guided research skills, individual sessions included homework Goals of Program: To gain insight into the research process in a specific area within Psychology and write up of the whole research paper in publication style (APA style)

Learning objectives

  • Searching the academic literature to be able to identify a research gap (e.g. in the present case with Irma this was within the stress research and specifically cortisol assessment with a novel assessment technique) and topic of interest
  • Learning more in detail about the psychobiological pathways to stress and illness, body’s physiological reactions if exposed to short-term and chronic stress and mechanisms of detection of cortisol in human tissue (e.g. urine, blood, saliva and hair)
  • Data analysis using software SPSS, interpreting the findings/ output with help of support
  • Write up of the whole research paper in publication style (APA style) using academic literature related to medical science

What challenges did she face?

  • Although Ivy has some experiences in medical science, she had to deep dived and learn about a specific hormone – cortisol, in order to complete her research paper.

How did our Medical Science research program help her?

  • This program exposed her to writing scientific paper with citations, which she has never done prior to this.
  • She got a letter of recommendation from the professor, which helped in her successful application to King’s College London.

Student Testimonial

The research allows me to gain insight into the writing of formal scientific papers in APA format), which I have never done before, and learn about a specific hormone– cortisol– and physiological mechanisms underlying the stress-health link. Through the study I understood the relationship among cortisol concentration, people’s perceived stress, and their coping methods.

I realized how influential “stress” is as a psychological factor that affects a large proportion of the world’s population every year and how important cortisol is as a stress and regulatory hormone that helps regulate the body’s metabolic function and deal with pressure. This study appeals to me the most in the ways that it approaches the topic both biologically (measuring the cortisol levels in one’s hairs) and psychologically (asking the participants about their perceived stress levels), making it such a multi-facet scientific research.

Conducting this kind of literary-based scientific research for the first time was indeed a challenge, but I was lucky enough to be mentored by Dr. Serwinski, through whose guidance I was able to learn step by step and absorb whatever I need to know quickly. It was really an honor and pleasure to work with my mentor; her teaching is inspiring and enjoyable, and she is always thoughtful in matching the meeting times that we were both available.

Thanks to Dr. Serwinski, the entire project went on smoothly and was always right on the schedule. I am impressed by what I have learned during these two months and appreciate this experience which benefits me in many aspects that provide me with skills and passion for further pursuit of health science.

Ivy Li

Matched professor Medical Science:

A health psychology lecturer who holds a PhD in Doctorate in Psychology from UCL.

Recommendation letter

Based on your knowledge of this student, would you recommend this student to selective universities?

“Yes absolutely, I am very happy to provide a reference.

It was pleasurable to mentor/teach her. Ivy was critical and analytical and responded to questions and homework in a positive way. She is a dedicated student. She is responsible, was prepared for classes and did her homework and readings.”

Mentor from University College London

Excerpts from the student’s work

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