Theo He

Theo He

Sociology Student

Theo He
An 11th grade sociology research program student from Brunswick High School, Georgia, United States.

Theo is committed to helping others, and his overall interest in improving himself and the situation of others is impressive. He has participated in volunteering work and made a point to incorporate crucial observations into his sociology research projects.

University admission result

★ Stanford University

★ Yale University

★ Princeton University

Scope of the program

Overall structure

  • The student and mentor met eight times on zoom for one-on-one meetings that lasted one hour long. They began working together in June 2021 and worked through September 2021.

Learning objectives

  • The goal is to develop a research paper that is based on the student’s own research interests and passions. The research questions and overall organization is developed in conjunction with the professor’s guidance.
  • In Theo’s case, he was interested in researching and understanding food scarcity and the local impact it has on his own community in Georgia. He had a solid understanding of food scarcity before the project began.
  • This project allowed him to take his knowledge farther and consider the consequences for mental health, families, and general well being.

What challenges did he face?

  • Theo has some difficulties with critical thinking on how powerful interests/groups maintain the status quo.

How did our sociology research program help him?

  • Theo learnt to analyze deeper into certain aspects. Many people understood poverty on the surface level, but the causes of poverty arise from other factors which can be better understood with a deeper analysis.
  • Through his diligence and hardwork in the program, the mentor agreed to write a reference letter for his college application.

Matched professor in Sociology:

He lectures in urban studies and sociology at the University of Pennsylvania and teaches criminal justice and urban health there. He has a strong interest in the military, social psychology, gender, and the fields of health and criminal justice.

Recommendation letter

Based on your knowledge of this student, would you recommend this student to selective universities?

“Absolutely. He is a hard working, thoughtful student who will add tremendous value to a university community. I recommend him with a great deal of admiration.

Theo is a really kind, compassionate, caring individual who I very much enjoyed working with. He is diligent, focused, and organized. Not many students (of his age) take on all that he does and maintain commitments to such causes.

Lecturer from University of Pennsylvania

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