Amulya Gupta

Amulya Gupta

Amulya Gupta

Residence: Georgia, United States
School: Chattahoochee High School
Intended major: Bio-engineering or neuroscience
Age during program: Grade 10

A science enthusiast, Amulya is currently taking classes for Advanced Chemistry and Honors Amulya is passionate about anything related to the field of biology. He scored an honours in biology at school and took part in the Science Olympiad competition.

What challenges did he face?

  • As someone with no experience in writing academic papers, his greatest challenge in this program was to draft an academic-level paper.
  • He needed mentoring to critically organize and discuss data, to formulate his point of view and make critical discussion/conclusions over the selected topic rather than just summarizing the existing literature.

Matched professor:

An Assistant Professor in Biomedical Engineering at Brown University. She is also secretary of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society.

How did our program help him?

  • He was able to write a research paper on stem cell therapy for corneal regeneration with the guidance of the mentor.
  • He learned new terminology related to corneal regenerative medicine

Below is part of an example work done during the program:

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