Manvi Mehta

Manvi Mehta

Environmental Studies Research Program

Manvi is an 11th grade student from The Shri Ram School, India. She is excited for an environmental studies research program.

Passionate about environmental studies, Manvi is a member of the Environmental Club at school and has volunteered in various social initiatives. She was awarded subject excellence in Global Perspectives, Business Studies, Biology, History and English Literature. Her experience in the environmental studies research program is a success!

Scope of the Environmental Studies Research Program

  • Manvi completed a research paper by researching potential topics, refining the project scope and outlining the key points of information to be included in the final paper.
  • Over the course of eight meetings, Manvi prepared outlines and drafted sections of the paper in advance, which were discussed and revised during the meetings.
  • Manvi followed up on each meeting with a summary outline of the plan and goals for the next meeting. The final paper was drafted and reviewed in the final weeks.
  • Manvi had a range of environmental topics and interests to potentially pursue and had the goal of refining those interests to cover a manageable range of interrelated issues and opportunities in a research paper.
  • A goal of the paper is that it would serve as the basis for identifying additional research topics and applied projects. The primary topical objective was to better understand the way the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in short-term reduction of atmospheric carbon and local source emissions and has had an impact the state of climate change as well as the short term benefits of lowering respiratory risk. The transportation sector was the primary focus of the impacts and opportunities.

What challenges did she face?

  • She would like to work on a research project in environmental studies, and need help in brainstorming a strong topic.
  • She has a wide range of environmental topics that would not logically be able to be combined in a single research paper project.

How did our program help her?

  • She was able to gain a better understanding of making references in her research paper.
  • She wrote a fantastic research paper that was later published on a Journal website.

Matched professor:

A Brown University Senior Lecturer in Environmental Studies. He teaches courses and advises students on sustainable design, environmental stewardship, urban infrastructure, and transportation technology and policy.

Manvi is a very thoughtful, responsible, and well-prepared student. She displayed a maturity and clarity of purpose that was on the level of the some of the stronger undergraduate students I have worked with at Brown. Manvi is motivated and has an ambitious agenda for what she would like to learn and accomplish in the environmental field.

Mentor from Brown University

Below is part of an example work done during the program:

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