Best STEM Summer Programs for High School Students (2024)

Best STEM Summer Programs for High School Students (2024)

Summer program is a popular summer course at American colleges and universities that allows high school students to immerse themselves in higher education during the holidays while broadening their academic and humanistic horizons. With the admission rate of selective universities declining year by year, many high school students and parents have begun to realize that outstanding academic performance alone cannot separate them from other applicants. Therefore, they turn their attention to extracurricular activities – STEM Summer Program is one of them. Outstanding STEM summer program experiences can be beneficial when high school students apply to a US undergraduate program.

Why should high school students participate in STEM Summer Programs?

For many high school students, this full immersion experience is the quickest way to experience international cultures and acclimating to the local environment. In addition to what high school students will learn through the university project itself, they will gain the additional benefit of directly exchanging ideas with fellow students from around the world. Working in groups helps them practice skills such as decision-making, problem-solving, communication, critical thinking and conflict resolution. This builds their overall confidence.

STEM summer programs are also more relaxed than courses in a normal college setting. Professors are usually less busy, which means they have more time to interact with high school students. If you take this opportunity and use it to develop some meaningful relationships, it will definitely benefit future career opportunities or your college application process.

UCSB research mentorship program

UC Santa Barbara STEM summer program is a highly competitive 6-week program which brings together outstanding high school students from all over the world every year to conduct hands-on interdisciplinary college-level research. During this 6-week period, these STEM high school students need to invest a lot of time in research every week, at least 30-40 hours. While building a deep relationship with their tutors, high school students will also learn various research skills and gain an in-depth understanding of the professional research field.

As long as students obtain permission from the research mentorship program director, research project leader and mentor, they can use their projects to participate in various academic competitions, university applications, etc.

Students will be assigned to a mentor (UCSB faculty member, graduate student, or postdoctoral fellow) and choose a project that interests them most to conduct research.

Application deadline: 18th March, 2024
Program duration: 17th June – 2nd August, 2024

Michigan Math and Science Scholars

MMSS normally runs several weeks throughout the summer and includes a variety of courses taught by University of Michigan staff and teachers. These courses cover a variety of topics, including calculus, physics, computer science, biology, chemistry, and others. Students participate in hands-on learning activities, problem-solving exercises, and collaborative projects that aim to expand their grasp of STEM fields and improve their analytical and critical thinking skills.

In addition to academic courses, MMSS members can communicate with classmates who share their interest in math and science, as well as current University of Michigan students and STEM professionals. They may also attend seminars, lectures, and field trips to learn about cutting-edge research and real-world applications of mathematics and science.

Application deadline: No deadline provided, still accepting applicants
Program duration: 23rd June – 2nd August, 2024

UC Davis Young Scholars Program

The UC Davis Young Scholars Program is a six-week residential summer camp designed to expose high school students to natural science research, with an emphasis on biological, environmental, and agricultural sciences. Each student will complete an independent project and prepare a high-quality paper and report.

In addition to academic research, teachers will also try their best to let students experience the study life in the first year of university, understand the university campus culture, and prepare for future universities.

Laboratory time accounts for approximately 85%, with focus areas including experimental design, data collection, statistical analysis, and reporting results verbally and in writing. Programs include morning lectures, small group learning activities, educational tours, workshops, and individual or group instruction, and will feature workshops on the use of online resources, academic planning, and college preparation and selection.

Application deadline: 15th March, 2024
Program duration: 23rd June – 3rd August 2024

University of Florida Student Science Training Program

The UF SSTP is a seven-week research program in which students participate in research alongside UF faculty, research scientists, and their research teams, developing important interpersonal, leadership, professional communication, and organizational skills through academic, social, and service activities.

UF SSTP courses are rigorous and fast-paced, with students spending at least 30 hours per week conducting research with their instructors, participating in daily lectures on research topics and UF Honors Seminar courses. The program includes Hands-on Introduction to Computer Hardware: A Game-Based Approach, Special Topics in AI Communication, Topics in Chemistry, Understanding the Neurobiology of Substance Abuse, Immunological Diseases, Fundamentals of Cancer Biology and Careers in Science, Introduction to Gene Therapy, Developmental and Stem Cell Biology.

Application deadline: No deadline provided, still accepting applicants
Program duration: 9th June – 27th July, 2024

Management & Technology Summer Institute

The Management & Technology Summer Institute (M&TSI) at the University of Pennsylvania is a credit-bearing summer school distinguished for its demanding academic approach, fast pace, and interdisciplinary focus. It is especially intended for high school students who are interested in technology and administration.

It is co-sponsored by the University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering, the Wharton School of Business, and the Jerome Fisher Program, and the teaching faculty consists of distinguished professors and successful entrepreneurs.

Every year, M&TSI selects 50-75 students from around the world to take part in this initiative, and the competition is strong. These kids will spend three weeks learning technology and management skills, displaying homemade technology items at product rallies, and visiting business groups focused on technology development.

In addition to attending classes, students will visit corporations and R&D facilities, work on intensive team projects, and participate in a variety of other activities meant to teach them the concepts and practices of technological innovation.

Application deadline: 1st April, 2024
Program duration: 7th July – 27th July, 2024

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