Jessica Tong

Jessica Tong

Jessica Tong

City of residence: Shanghai
Concordia International
Intended Major:
Financial Engineering
Grade 9

Jessica is an extremely proactive student who constantly seeks new methods of learning academic subjects. She has interest in Financial Engineering, Entrepreneurship and Coding, with background in Python, Beginner Java, Mindstorm Robotic EV3, C++ for USACO.

What challenges did she face?

  • A smart and inquisitive student who would like to gain and expand her knowledge set, which is not available within her school courses.
  • She is keen to apply statistics to business, but did not know how.

Matched professor:

A Mathematics lecturer in MIT, the professor has been an investment manager, exploiting advanced statistical analytics to manage a variety of investment programs.

How did our program help her?

  • This program allowed her to apply financial statistics onto her passion in entrepreneurial endeavors.
  • She was exposed to open source data analysis software and statistical computing programs.
  • The professor agreed to write a Letter of Recommendation for Jessica.

Below is part of an example work done during the program:

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