Ruby Woo

Ruby Woo

Real estate data analysis

Ruby Woo
She is an 11th grade student in SAS Puxi, Shanghai, China. She is interested to major in Economics/Finance. In this program, she decided to work on real estate data analysis.

Ruby is a leader at her school Jacaranda Club and SAS Eggschange. She’s also a competitive fencer during her free time. With a deep interest in finance and analytics, she helps her family with Real Estate investment decisions.

University Admission

NYU Stern
University of Michigan Ross School of Business

Scope of the program

Overall structure

  • Introduction to R/RStudio
  • Identification of real estate data suitable for statistical analyses
  • Exploratory analysis of real estate data on properties or sale in San Francisco
  • Modeling duration (time-on-market) of real estate sales in San Francisco
  • She completed a research paper on “Analysis of the Duration of California Real Estate on the Market”

Real estate data analysis learning objectives

  • Apply tools of exploratory statistical analysis to real-world problem
  • Understand basic concepts of time series analysis
  • Apply sophisticated statical methods (e.g. LOESS method) to analyze time series data

What challenges did she face?

  • Ruby is interested to learn advanced data analysis specifically in real estate, but such skills were not taught in school.
  • Ruby needed a good extracurricular portfolio to gain a competitive advantage for her college application.

How did our program help her?

  • Ruby was able to learn R language using R Studio to analyse real estate data.
  • The professor was able to teach her the basic concepts of time series analysis and to apply sophisticated statistical methods (e.g. LOESS method) to analyze time series data.
  • The professor has agreed to write a letter of recommendation letter to Ruby should she need it for college application.

Matched mentor in real estate data analysis:

The mentor is a lecturer at the Department of Mathematics, MIT. He teaches financial mathematics and statistics as an academic. Through his company, he has been offering consulting services in financial and statistical analytics to a variety of institutions. Citibank, Colonial/Liberty Funds, American Express, and Canon are a few of his former clients. He has been managing investments since 1995, utilizing cutting-edge statistical techniques to oversee a range of investment initiatives.

Recommendation letter

I will happily recommend Ruby to selective universities. She demonstrated a proactive approach to her project. She identified real estate data for analysis and identified research questions which could be effectively analyzed with the data. I encourage Ruby to pursue academic subjects requiring quantitative, analytical ability. There are many areas (e.g., finance, biology, engineering, mathematics) where she would excel.

Lecturer from MIT

Below is part of an example work done during the program:

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